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LightPowerData are highly experienced at upgrading switchboards. Make your old fuse panel safe by changing it over to a new modern enclosure and protecting each circuit with an RCBO (safety switch).


Current standards state that any lighting or power circuit that is modified must be protected by a safety switch. Let us work out an affordable future-proof solution for you.


Has your RCD (Safety switch) been tested recently? RCD's that are not tested can get stuck and may not function in time to save someones life! Regular testing with by a trained professional and approved testing device is the only way to make sure you are safe and meeting your obligations of a safe workplace.


We install all devices into switchboards including surge arresters, generator changeover switches and lighting timeclocks.


In commercial situations we can replace your existing busbar chassis with a new modern eqivalent to halve the cost of RCD replacement.

Generator inlet and changeover switch installation
Switchboard AFTER. Asbestos removed, Fuses changed for RCBO's. Made safe and easy to use
Coles Switchboard
Retail shop switchboard
Switchboard BEFORE. Asbestos backboard. Old fuse holders. No Labels

Before and after of a 1970's switcboard upgrade

Changed out old Heinelec chassis and replaced with new Schneider. All circuit breakers changed for RCBO.

Generator Inlet Socket and Changeover Switch

Retail Shop switchboard installation (inside)

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