Meet your safety obligations by having your 'plug-in' appliances Tested.  


Trade equipment must be done QUARTERLY. Appliances that are moved must be done ANNUALLY Computer workstations etc that don't get moved only need tested every 5 years. Factory equipment is every 6 months, Hotels are every 2 years.


Electricity has the potential to cause serious injury or death from damaged or faulty electrical equipment. If you are a business, employer or any other person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), you must make sure that electrical equipment is regularly inspected and tested by a competent person if the electrical equipment is—


a) supplied with electricity through an electrical socket outlet; and


b) used in an environment in which the normal use of electrical equipment exposes the equipment to operating conditions that are likely to result in damage to the equipment or a reduction in its expected life span, including conditions that involve exposure to moisture, heat, vibration, mechanical damage, corrosive chemicals or dust.


SafeWork SA regularly checks that electrical testing requirements are being met.